Schimb de tineri „Without Words” 08-18 April 2011 in Debrecen

DEIS Association participated in a youth exchange, within the frame of Youth In Action Program, Action 3 – Youth in the world, organized by Debrecen Youth Service in Debrecen, Hungary between 8th and 18th April 2011.

Over 50 young people, from 8 different countries, took part in the project „Without Words (WOW)”, in order to deal with the issues of social exclusion and stereotypes using the tools of dance, music and theatre. The participants arrived from Poland, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Finland and Hungary.

This multilateral youth exchange helped to evolve good relationships between the participating countries and opened the door for the youth to learn more about modern theatre, dance, art and about each other’s culture following the project’s objectives:

  • use various theatrical and dance techniques
  • try alternative methods, which were used for the final performance
  • learn how to express ourselves without words
  • get acquainted with the elements of sign language
  • raise the awareness about the importance of movements and gesture in theater and the daily life

The final product of the project was a “without words” performance that the participants prepared during the activities, by combining theatre, live music and dance, with the topic of social exclusion and cultural stereotypes.

WOW performance

Wow – Without Words youth exchange ENG

WOW photo slide show